How Does Toothpaste Work?

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Everyone is using toothpaste for a long time and family dentists recommend different toothpastes for different dental conditions. But what does toothpaste do? How does toothpaste work? Why do we use toothpastes? Well, modern toothpaste contains plenty of ingredients that are capable of cleaning teeth without harming gums. It is important to brush your teeth with toothpaste twice a day to get rid of germs, prevent scaling, feel fresh and avoid bad breathe.

Why do we use toothpaste?

Toothpastes have become an essential part of our daily lives. It’s important for oral hygiene. Below mentioned are the basic components of toothpaste:

Abrasives: Toothpastes usually contain abrasive substances to scrub your teeth. This action removes plaque build-up and stain from the teeth. However, the abrasive substances should not be too hard to damage your enamel.

Foam: Toothpastes generally have ingredients that produce foam. This allows the paste to remove any debris, plaque and bacteria from your mouth.

Texture: Toothpaste’s texture has been perfected over the years so that it does not dry out and hold on enough moisture. The texture also allows the toothpaste to stick on the toothbrush and on the teeth.

Preservatives: Preservatives are required to prevent bacteria inside the toothpaste, and toothpaste can be used for a long period of time.

Tasting Agents: Toothpaste contains ingredients that make it tastes good. Every brand has its own flavor. Nowadays, toothpastes are available in plenty of flavors. You can choose one according to your taste.

Why is Brushing with Toothpaste Important?

There are several reasons for brushing teeth with toothpaste. The first reason is that the toothpaste corrects the brushing action. This removes the plaque, bacteria, debris and stains from teeth, and this eventually prevents cavities, gum diseases and even helps in preventing the tooth loss.

Second, toothpastes consist of fluoride that helps in making the teeth resistant to decay and accelerate the tooth repairing process, so that tooth damage can be repaired even before it becomes visible. This is how you can prevent dental treatments like root canal treatment.

Third and the most important reason for using toothpaste is making teeth brighter and whiter. Toothpastes contain ingredients that remove the stains and polish the teeth.

Fourth reason for using toothpaste is maintaining fresh breath and keeps your mouth cleaner. Toothpastes contain mint and other mouth freshening agents that help in maintaining fresh breathe.

Electric vs traditional toothbrushes and floss

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Dental tools are changing at rapid pace. There are plenty of dental care products available on the market. It is not easy to select the apt products. However, people with dental problems should consult with their family dentist before using any new product. Your dentist will help you in picking the apt products, because oral care is important for overall health. It is important to pay attention over oral care to keep your mouth healthy.

Toothbrush options

Nowadays, a wide variety of toothbrushes are available –soft bristled toothbrush, hard bristled toothbrush, toothbrush with tongue cleaner, toothbrush with better grip and electric toothbrush. This makes it difficult for commoners to select the toothbrushes, and some are very much confused between electric and traditional toothbrushes.

Electric toothbrush

Does electric toothbrush really work? Which is the best electric toothbrush brand? How to use electric toothbrushes? Are electric toothbrushes better than traditional toothbrushes? Well, these are the some common questions people have in their mind regarding electric toothbrushes. Check out the below mentioned pros and cons of electric toothbrushes:

Pros: Electric toothbrushes are very easy to use. People who are reluctant to brushing can use electric toothbrush. Electric toothbrushes can save a lot of brushing time, and can do a thorough cleaning. It means that electric toothbrushes require lesser time to adequately clean your teeth. However, it doesn’t mean that running the toothbrush quickly over the teeth will be equally effective as a manual brushing and flossing.

Cons: Electric toothbrushes are more expensive than traditional toothbrushes. Along with initial costs, you need to spend money on head and charging base of the toothbrush.

The electric toothbrushes are quite bulky. It is not easy to hold it. One needs to learn the techniques of holding the toothbrush. And it requires practice to use it properly. The brushing actions can’t be controlled.

Manual Toothbrushes

Manual toothbrushes have their own advantages and disadvantages. If you are confused between electric and manual toothbrushes, check out the below mentioned pros and cons of manual toothbrushes:

Pros: Manual toothbrushes offer more controlled way of brushing. These toothbrushes are lightweight and easy to hold. One needs no practice to brush with manual toothbrushes properly. And these toothbrushes are very cost-effective.

Cons: The entire process of cleaning teeth with traditional toothbrushes is quite time consuming. One needs to reach at each and every corner of mouth manually.

So, these are some pros and cons of both electric and traditional toothbrushes. You can visit a dental clinic va and consult with oral care specialist to choose the best oral care tools.

What Your Oral Hygiene Routine Should Consist Of

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The shape and size of teeth vary depending on where they are located in your mouth. These differences let the teeth to do different tasks. Teeth help in chewing and digesting food. They even help in talking, and pronouncing different words properly. Finally, teeth provide a shape to face.

A beautiful smile can be one of the great assets and because of this it makes sense to pay attention over oral care as much as possible. It is important to visit the best dentist in Arlington, as soon as you notice slightest problem in your teeth and gums.

Oral health basics

Generally, oral hygiene routines of people consist of going in front of bathroom mirror in half-sleep, barely brushing teeth, and flossing once in a while. Well, that’s not enough for maintaining good oral health. In order to enjoy healthy teeth and gums, you need to follow a proper oral care routine. You can consult with the dentist regarding this, and improve your oral care practices, because way to healthy body goes from mouth.

It’s never too late to start good practices. What if your teeth are not in healthy condition now! You can always improve the oral health by making positive changes in your lifestyle and diet.

Brushing Your Teeth

  • It is important to brush your teeth for at least 5 minutes for proper cleaning. Spend at least 30 seconds on each quadrant of your mouth.
  • For through cleaning, you need to hold your brush in 45 degree angle with gums.
  • Brush at least twice a day.
  • Change your tooth brush every month. And use soft bristled brush.
  • Use good quality toothpaste.

Flossing your teeth

  • Floss at least once in a day.
  • Floss your teeth at back of your mouth as well.
  • Make use of 45 cm floss. Wrap the floss on both fingers for better grip.
  • In order to avoid gum damage, follow your teeth curve.

Rinsing Your Mouth with Mouthwash

  • After brushing and flossing, rinse your mouth with mouthwash.
  • Keep mouthwash in your mouth for 30-40 seconds, and then spit it out. You will feel fresh.

Cleaning Your Tongue

  • Clean your tongue at the end.
  • Put a little bit of toothpaste on tongue and clean it using toothbrush.

So, these are some oral care tips that you can follow to maintain good oral hygiene. Moreover, you should visit the best dental clinic for regular check up and cleaning.

Benefits of Professional Teeth Whitening

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Teeth whitening treatment is now becoming popular more than ever. More and more number of men and women are opting for teeth whitening treatments to get celebrity like smile. This treatment can provide a complete smile makeover. Not only whiter teeth make your smile attractive, but they will also increase your self-confidence. After all whiter, shiner and cleaner teeth are loved and desired by everyone.

What are the advantages of Professional Teeth Whitening?

There is no substitute to professional teeth whitening treatments. Although teeth whitening strips and toothpastes claim for whitened teeth, the results are not as satisfying as professional teeth whitening. There are plenty of teeth whitening products available these days, and some of them may work on your teeth, but they will not be able to provide the amazing results that dentists can provide via professional teeth whitening treatments.

Advantages of professional teeth whitening

Thorough Whitening: Teeth whitening kits available at drugstore is common for everyone. On the other hand, professional teeth whitening treatments are customized according to the needs and requirements of the patients. The professional treatments provide thorough cleaning to patients. This is the reason why the effect of professional teeth whitening is clearly visible.

Long-lasting solution: The products available in drugstores may provide you the quick teeth whitening, but the effect of the procedure will not last longer. The teeth whitening professionals use top-notched products for whitening purpose. These products will not only make your teeth shine like pearls, but also last for long period of time. Depending on your lifestyle, the effect of professional teeth whitening treatments can last 3 to 6 months.

Quick treatment: Unlike teeth whitening toothpaste and teeth whitening strips, which require multiple sittings, professional teeth whitening can be done in single sitting. The duration of professional teeth whitening treatment depends on the condition of your teeth and the teeth whitening method you opted for.

Comfortable Treatment: Professional teeth whitening treatments are not painful, not time-consuming and do not cause any sort on discomfort during and after the treatment. You just need to find the best dental clinic in Arlington and get the treatment done in the comfortable sitting.

Professional teeth whitening treatment can change the way your smile look. You should opt for this treatment at least twice a year. After getting professional teeth whitening treatment done, you will start loving your smile.

Signs and Symptoms of Teeth Cavities

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According to the National Institutes of Health, cavities are the second most common health issue in the United States. Cavities are holes in the teeth, which generally occur in teeth of children, but it can occur at any age. In young people, cavities are common cause of teeth loss. Some groups are at higher risk of cavities, such as:

  • Senior citizens
  • Children of lower-income families
  • People living in places where the water in not fluoridated
  • People with medication that reduces salivary flow
  • People with diabetes
  • People undergoing radiation therapy
  • People who smoke
  • People who chew tobacco
  • Drug and alcohol users
  • People who consume sugary and carbonated drinks

Causes of cavities

Cavities occur because of presence of bacteria, sugar and starch in mouth. It is normal having bacteria in the mouth but it cause problems in the case of improper oral hygiene. Bacteria combine with saliva and starch, and result in plaque formation. Plaque is an invisible and sticky substance that accrues quickly. Foods rich in starch or sugar make plaque stickier. If plaque remains on the teeth for a long time, it transforms into a harder substance called tartar. And cavities form when bacteria present in tartar convert sugar into acid. The hard structure of the tooth demineralizes over time and forms a hole in the tooth, and this hole is called as a cavity.

Symptoms of cavities

Below mentioned are a few symptoms of cavities:

  • A dull pain in mouth or toothache
  • Teeth sensitivity
  • Presence of hole or holes in your teeth
  • Discolored or chalky white spot on teeth
  • Biting pressure
  • Bad breathe
  • Brown or black spot on teeth

It is easy to determine cavities if they occur at front part of the teeth. In other parts of mouth, cavities are not usually visible without an X-ray report.

Prevention of cavities

It is possible to prevent cavities by improving oral hygiene and changing diet. According to NIH, good oral health can be achieved by:

  • Brushing twice a day
  • Flossing at least once in a day
  • Receiving professional teeth cleaning northern va in every 6 months
  • Having dental examination at dental clinic every year.
  • Reducing sugar consumption
  • Rinsing mouth after eating sticky products
  • Minimizing snacking

How to Care For Your Child After They Get a Root Canal

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When a pediatric dentist recommends root canal treatment to your child, you need to support your child before, during and after root canal. You should understand that going through the root canal procedure is/was not easy for your child. For everyone this procedure is a little bit scary and a little bit painful. You should know that your child was extremely brave to successfully go through the treatment. Now it is your responsibility to make your child feel happy and comfortable.

Post child root canal symptoms

Just like any other treatment, there is a recovery period after root canal. Luckily, root canal procedure is not as much invasive and complicated as tooth filling, your child’s recovery will be faster. However, your child may feel any of the below mentioned post root canal procedure symptoms:


Your child may experience pain because of soreness. Well, most of the children get relief from post root canal pain with over-the-counter treatments. But it is not good to avoid the pain. If intensity of pain is high and it lasts for a long period of time, visit pediatric dentist for pain relief. It is important to treat the pain to avoid further discomfort.

Signs of Infection

In case your child is experiencing severe pain, swelling or fever after root canal operation, it might be because of infection. It is because of presence of pus-filled pocket in the gums. It is the responsibility of parents to look for the signs of infection after child root canal procedure. The only way to treat this infection is to visit the dental clinic as soon as possible. Only a qualified dentist can treat the condition and provide relief to your child.

Oral care after child root canal

Since child root canal treatment alexandria does not involve filling, stitches or incisions, you need not have to worry about measures while flossing and brushing.  Your child can normally brush and floss his/ her teeth after root canal treatment. However, make sure that your child is maintaining proper oral hygiene. Having proper oral care routine after root canal treatment is very important, and your children should brush twice a day and floss daily to maintain the health and beauty of their smile after their root canal procedure.

Exploring benefits of dental fillings

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Your smile is undoubtedly a valuable asset. It says a lot about your personality. But cavities and traumas can ruin the beauty and health of your smile. Nowadays, white and colorful tooth filling are attractive cosmetic dental treatment available that can artificially restore the anatomy, function and integrity of your teeth. These fillings are strong enough to withstand the daily wear and tear while maintaining your smile. With the help of dental fillings it is possible to obtain flawless and natural looking smile.

Special materials are used to fill in the empty space between teeth, and maintain the integrity of the tooth. You can select to any dental filling materials such as silver, gold, resin, ceramic, glass and composite material, depending on your needs, requirements and budget.

Why are dental fillings necessary?

Tooth decay and fracture expose the interior part of tooth to germs. If interior the teeth reacts with starches, sugars and bacteria, infection occurs within the teeth. There are many reasons for restoring damaged teeth structure with filling such as:

  • Limits damage caused by cavities or dental decay
  • Guard the damaged tooth against further damage
  • Restore the adequate functionality of the tooth
  • Helps in preventing damage to the tooth’s nerve
  • Helps in preventing tooth loss
  • Makes teeth cleaning easier
  • Decrease the bacterial count in the mouth
  • Helps you in maintaining fresh breath

Benefits of dental fillings

There are many benefits of getting teeth fillings, including:

Quick process: On the decayed or damaged teeth, dental filling procedure can be done in just one or two hours.  Your dentist will not make you wait for days, and you will not have to spend a lot of time in hospital.

Long-lasting solution: Dental filling is quick, yet long lasting solution for decayed teeth. The filling materials are capable of withstanding regular wear and tear. Tooth colored fillings last about 5 to 7 years, while silver fillings last about 12 years.

Cost-effective: Dental fillings are one of the most cost-effective dental treatments. It can generally be covered in 1 appointment, and is relatively inexpensive. Moreover, this treatment is covered in dental insurance policies.

Appearance: With the help of tooth colored fillings, it is possible to obtain the natural looking appearance. White teeth fillings arlington are easily available these days. They are quite expensive, but worth every penny you spend on them.

What are the benefits of getting a dental crown?

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A dental crown is cap that covers entire tooth, from gum line to chewing surface. With the help of the dental crowns, it is possible to make teeth function and look better.  They mask dental flaws such as misshapen teeth, and provide support to damaged teeth. This dental treatment has many restorative and cosmetic benefits. In order to enjoy all the benefits of this treatment, it is important to select the dental crowns of right shape, size and color. Once crowns are placed in your mouth properly, they will easily blend with the other teeth.

Dental crown benefits

There are many benefits of installing the dental crowns, their restorative capabilities include:

  • Restore a tooth after a root canal
  • Support damaged tooth
  • Hold together broken or cracked tooth
  • Anchor dental bridge
  • Protect a worn out tooth

Learn more about dental crowns

Dental crown is considered as a total restorative treatment. They can help relive uncomfortable symptoms. It helps in repairing the damaged tooth enamel. You can think about getting the dental crowns, if you suffer from tooth decay, tooth fracture, tooth root infection or toothache. A dental crown can secure your tooth against further problems and prevent tooth sensitivity.

Unlike common beliefs that dental crown is an intensive and complicated dental procedure, dental crown is relatively simple to create and place. Once the enamel of your teeth is healthy and clean, a dental expert will shape your tooth so that it can adequately hold a crown. Next, your doctor will take an impression of your tooth. The technicians will then precisely make your crown. When it is ready, dental professional will install it on your tooth with the help of the bonding cement.

Dental crowns are custom-made according to the needs and requirements of the patients. They are exact in terms of size, shape, color and fit. You can feel confident after wearing the crown, as no one will be able to distinguish it from your original teeth.

Dental crowns are mainly used as restorative dental treatment, but they also offer plenty of cosmetic benefits. Since they are placed over the tooth, they have the capability of correcting dental flaws such as staining, discoloration, misshapen teeth, chips, cracks, crookedness, fractures, and many more. This is the reason why some people use dental crowns as a cosmetic treatment, pretty much like porcelain veneers.


Can adults wear dental braces?

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Braces are not just for teenagers. It is never too late to improve the orientation of teeth, and beautify smile. Many Americans over 18 wear braces. If you are adult and looking for adult braces, then your general dentist can help with it. A dentist will provide the ultimate solution to all your dental problems. You can even request an evaluation and get treatment from a specialist in diagnosing and an orthodontist. Despite of your age or sex, dental professionals can help you in treating and preventing teeth alignment problems.

Why would adults need braces?

Some adults never got dental treatment at young age to correct crowded or crooked teeth, underbites and overbites, wrong jaw position or jaw joint problems. When left untreated, these issues may later result in gum disease, tooth decay, earaches, headaches, as well as biting, chewing, and speaking problems.

Braces for adults

Adults can get all the benefits from the braces like children. Invisaligners are basically adult braces. These braces are transparent and detachable. It means when you wear invisaligners, no one will be easily able to recognize that you are wearing braces, and you can remove them while brushing, flossing and eating.

Invisaligners are basically custom-made to fit into your denture. Then the aligners are changed overtime to make treatment more effective. The installation and removal procedure of invisaligners is neither time consuming nor painful. You can opt for this treatment at any age.

Invisalign treatment is one of the most advanced orthodontic treatments. These aligners are made from clear material. This material is not only invisible, but also comfortable inside the mouth.  There are no wires, no brackets. This is the reason why invisialigns always wins invisalign vs braces. These aligners do not interrupt your life in any manner. You can carry out your life normally with invisialigns while transforming your smile.

Invisaligns are better for dental health as well. Since they do not interrupt your dental routine, you will not come across problems like plaque build up and food trap between the teeth. On contrary, dental care with metal braces is very difficult, especially when you are adult.

Getting adult braces is a big decision, as it somehow changes your lifestyle. It is important that you make the informed decision. Learn about adult braces options available, and then choose one according to your lifestyle and budget.

The Real Benefits of Cosmetic Dentistry

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Do you ever wished to have straighter and brighter teeth? Does your smile have an obvious cosmetic flaw? Or are you embarrassed of your teeth? Well, if so, then you can visit a cosmetic dental clinic. Thanks to cosmetic dentistry, it is affordable and convenient to get rid of these dental problems. Cosmetic dentistry treatments focus on improving the appearance of gums, teeth and bite. Basically, with the help of cosmetic dentistry, it is possible to improve the position, color, alignment, shape and size of the teeth. Cosmetic dental treatments improve the overall appearance of smile.

Cosmetic dentistry

It is possible to get a complete smile makeover by correcting the minor dental problems. Although many of dental procedures do not fix the functional issues, they can still have a valuable impact on a dental health.  The benefits of cosmetic dentistry will vary depending on the treatment or treatments you select. Despite of which treatment you select, you will get visible results and a stellar smile.

Benefits of Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry can improve your appearance: This is the most obvious benefit of the cosmetic dentistry. Since cosmetic dental treatments can improve the appearance of your smile, the impact of this improvement can be seen on your overall personality.

Cosmetic dentistry can boost your self-confidence: An improved physical appearance is directly proportional to improved self-confidence. Smiling in public and for photographs will be no longer stressful for you.

Cosmetic dentistry can improve your social life: Your improved smile and appearance help you in socializing. You will not have to worry about what you look like when you laugh in public. A great smile can even make you more talkative and outgoing, as you will not be worried about your dental flaws.

Cosmetic dental treatment can enhance your career: A confident smile is all you need to make yourself look presentable. Although focus on appearance may sound superficial, it is a fateful reality. A straight, bright and flawless smile will make a great impression on bosses.

Cosmetic dental treatment can help you move past trauma: Many times dental flaws are caused by unfortunate incidents. No matter how hard you try to move past the trauma, the flaw will keep on reminding you about it. Consult with cosmetic dentists Arlington and get rid of the dental flaw.